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About Inner SpaceChristine WayHere you'll find information about the history of Inner Space, its name and about its founder.  Info & bookings
Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage. Anna DziwikAyurvedic Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that has been practiced in India for 5000+ years. It involves a variety of pressure techniques including circular massage strokes that focus on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face.   Info & bookings
Cacao ceremony and healingLisa ManuelIf you need some 'me time' to improve your wellbeing, then this ceremony is just the thing! It will be a deeply relaxing and revitalising experience that provides healing and support. After drinking a cup of Cacao you will be taken on a guided meditation whilst receiving energy healing.  Info & bookings
Classical Pilates Aoife CarrA beginners level matwork class. I will guide you through the original Joseph Pilates method, building strength and working on imbalances to move with greater agility. This class is perfect for anyone with a previous injury, an annoying niggle, or anyone just looking for a good mind & body workout.   Info & bookings
EMDRCarsten DerneddeEye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing addresses intrusive, distressing memories of traumatic events, regardless of how much time has passed.  Info & bookings
Emotional Freedom Technique (stand alone or as part of coaching sessioSoo StrongEFT tapping combines principles of traditional Chinese acupressure with modern psychology. The points are close to the surface of the skin, so you can stimulate them by tapping with your fingertips. The points are close to the endpoints of major meridians,so you’re nervous system finds balance.  Info & bookings
Holistic MassageGrace ElliottInfo & bookings
Holistic Massage TherapyEmma CliffeInfo & bookings
HypnotherapyLisa ManuelHypnotherapy focuses a client’s subconscious mind and imagination to bring about positive changes to their thoughts, feelings or behavior. Hypnosis is a very gentle, natural and relaxed process. During Hypnosis any positive suggestions that you give to your mind will have maximum effect.   Info & bookings
Indian Head Massage - in person NorwichSoo StrongA typical Indian head massage treatment, usually starts with the shoulders, which often holds a lot of tension. The upper back may also be massaged working around the shoulder blade. Following this, flowing motions will move up the neck, plus Accupunture points on the head,forehead and eyes.  Info & bookings
Mindfulness Teacher and TrainerSoo StrongI both train mindfulness teachers for Breathworks and run 8 week Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health courses. These evidenced based Mindfulness courses are full of compassion and give you the tools and skills to live well with your chronic pain / health condition or stress.   Info & bookings
Mindset coaching Lisa ManuelOur mindset plays a HUGE part in achieving our goals. It can help or hinder us. Mindset coaching is a great way to tap into how your mind works, how thought patterns affect your behaviours and then learn to start using your mind to your advantage!   Info & bookings
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)Lisa ManuelThis is a toolkit full of techniques to enable you to change your unwanted subconscious programming and to better understand yourself. This will allow you to remove unwanted habits, break negative thought patterns/beliefs and work through fears holding you back!  Info & bookings
NLP Coaching (trained with Sue Bayliss Norwich)Soo StrongThis is an approach based on the lastest understanding of neurology and the mind body connection. It incorporates the power of mindful breathing, relaxation techniques and healing visualisations in addition to using eye movements to signal the limbic system of the brain to restructure stuck emotions  Info & bookings
PsychotherapyRachael TaylorPerson-centred, DBT or CBT therapy  Info & bookings
ReflexologyLisa McKennaI practice 'Light Touch Reflexology' which is a gentle but deep technique which can be very effective for many stress-related conditions and also the aid the management of more chronic health problems. I also offer 'Aromaflex' treatments which incorporates the therapeutic use of essential oils.  Info & bookings
Reiki Reiki HeidiReiki is a gentle hands on energy healing method to help bring calm and balance to body, mind and spirit. It can help a wide variety of issues, both physical and mental, and is helpful in bringing a sense of relaxation.  Info & bookings
Reiki healingLisa ManuelA form of energy healing to clear the chakras and heal the energetic body. A hands off therapy which is gentle but effective. Energy healing can help to improve physical, mental and emotional issues.  Info & bookings
Reiki. In person NorwichSoo StrongI have been offering Reiki Healing since 2019 and more recently incorporating this for end of session support, to integrate coaching sessions on a deeper physical level. This can be a stand-alone session, where the mind finally gets rest and the energetic systems get some spaciousness for healiing  Info & bookings
Rosen Method BodyworkLouisa TurnerThis is a hands-on bodywork that releases deeply held muscle tension through safe, gentle, attuned touch and dialogue. Stuck or held back areas of the body are invited to release and valuable insights can arise, allowing self awareness to grow.   Info & bookings
SKAN BodyworkCarsten DerneddeIndividual sessions of Skan Bodywork use breathing, spontaneous movement impulses, feeling and expression to melt the 'armour' that stops us from feeling deeply connected to our own body and the world around us. It is a form of psychotherapy but does not always need words.  Info & bookings
Somatic CoachingSoo StrongOur work is becoming at ease with experiencing directly, rather than purely talking about experiences.We need both at different times. Our work is through the lens of potential not dysfunction, no matter what label you have been given for your experiences. Finding what helps you flourish and thrive  Info & bookings
Studio HireFees, Terms & ConditionsFor main and small studio hire fees please click on info and then website  Info & bookings