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Holistic Therapy at InnerSpace

About Inner SpaceChristine WayHere you'll find information about the history of Inner Space, its name and about its founder.  Info & bookings
Acupressure (Seated) MassageHilary HallsSeated Acupressure Massage is a sequence developed from taditional Oriental Anma and Shiatsu style massage techniques to improve health, energy flow and reduce tension. Received through the clothes, without oils on a comfortable ergonomically designed chair  Info & bookings
Classical Pilates Aoife CarrA beginners level matwork class. I will guide you through the original Joseph Pilates method, building strength and working on imbalances to move with greater agility. This class is perfect for anyone with a previous injury, an annoying niggle, or anyone just looking for a good mind & body workout.   Info & bookings
Coaching & PsychotherapyJune WebbMy approach is integrated (person-centred and experiential approaches, Focusing and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy). Central to this approach is support to define problems (if unclear) explore possible solutions and facilitate a values consistent action plan.  Info & bookings
Craniosacral TherapyMari JoyceCraniosacral Therapy is a form of process oriented body work, engaging both the physical and emotional body with light touch and listening. CST can be extremely effective for a range of conditions, supporting your natural capacity for healing, self repair and well being.   Info & bookings
Deep tissue massage Hilary HallsDeep tissue massage is a form of massage that focuses on releasing the deeper myofascial restrictions of deeper muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body.  Info & bookings
EMDRCarsten DerneddeEye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing addresses intrusive, distressing memories of traumatic events, regardless of how much time has passed.  Info & bookings
Holistic MassageHilary HallsI can help you to relax, relieve those tired aching muscles and reduce your emotional and physical stress. Using a range of techniques to provide an individual treatment for your needs  Info & bookings
Holistic Massage Bernadette Van JaarsveldI offer a massage treatment tailored to your individual needs at the time you see me. Drawing on a range of different techniques aimed to help with relaxation, physical & emotional stress, pain and provide you with a sense of well being.   Info & bookings
Holistic MassagePeter MyersonA relaxing and de-stressing full body massage that will restore your mind and body.  Info & bookings
Holistic MassageGrace ElliottInfo & bookings
Holistic MassagePeter MyersonA relaxing and de-stressing full body massage that will restore your mind and body.  Info & bookings
Holistic MassageMari JoyceTreatments that address the whole of you, offering relaxation, stress relief and ease of muscular tension. Drawing on deep tissue, gentle massage, swedish massage and breath work, treatments are individually tailored to support your physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing.  Info & bookings
Holistic Massage TherapyEmma CliffeInfo & bookings
HypnoBirthingDebra Sequoia * Private Hypnobirthing Preparation * Personalised Hypnobirthing Sessions "Because you can't practice giving birth but you can learn to enter the state of mind you'll be in and learn to be more calm and in control"   Info & bookings
HypnoFertilityDebra Sequoia Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Techniques for Women and Couples Struggling with Unexplained Infertility   Info & bookings
HypnotherapyDebra Sequoia Hypnotherapy for Health and Stress Related Conditions "When you want to do things differently but you're not sure how"  Info & bookings
Indian Head MassageHilary HallsA relaxing massage received fully clothed. Working on the back, shoulder, neck, head and face.   Info & bookings
Lacanian Psychoanalysis Peter Rowbrey-EvansPsychoanalytically-based counselling, psychotherapy and analysis  Info & bookings
Pregnancy MassageBernadette Van Jaarsveld Pregnancy massage is wonderful whether you would like to just relax and have some you time or you would like to ease your pregnancy aches and pains. Massage can help to reduce cramping, swelling, relieve sciatica as well as helping you feel calmer and more relaxed. Pregnancy - 12 weeks and over.  Info & bookings
ReflexologyLisa McKennaI practice 'Light Touch Reflexology' which is a gentle but deep technique which can be very effective for many stress-related conditions and also the aid the management of more chronic health problems. I also offer 'Aromaflex' treatments which incorporates the therapeutic use of essential oils.  Info & bookings
Reiki Reiki HeidiReiki is a gentle hands on energy healing method to help bring calm and balance to body, mind and spirit. It can help a wide variety of issues, both physical and mental, and is helpful in bringing a sense of relaxation.  Info & bookings
Rosen Method BodyworkLouisa TurnerThis is a hands-on bodywork that releases deeply held muscle tension through safe, gentle, attuned touch and dialogue. Stuck or held back areas of the body are invited to release and valuable insights can arise, allowing self awareness to grow.   Info & bookings
Rosen Method BodyworkAnna GrubbRosen Method is a touch-based therapy that supports the client to meet tension and emotion in their body, creating opportunities to allow themselves to inhabit the world more fully.  Info & bookings
SKAN BodyworkCarsten DerneddeIndividual sessions of Skan Bodywork use breathing, spontaneous movement impulses, feeling and expression to melt the 'armour' that stops us from feeling deeply connected to our own body and the world around us. It is a form of psychotherapy but does not always need words.  Info & bookings
Studio HireFees, Terms & ConditionsFor main and small studio hire fees please click on info and then website  Info & bookings